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The goal of minetest.io is to distribute convenient installers and a launcher for Minetest. Minetest is Free (Libre) Open Source Software (FLOSS). You can make mods, modpacks, or entire games (sometimes called subgames or "_games"). The program will automatically download mods from the server, so you simply log in and you may be playing a very different game without a separate download (Making a client-side mod (CSM) is possible but usually unnecessary).

Minetest.io may eventually use the Minetest engine to make games such as some sort of Zah Yest MMORPG.

I (Poikilos) use and distribute Final Minetest from minetest.org and consider MT5 from the .net site to be "Old Minetest" like Final Minetest's lead developer OldCoder does. For a discussion of authority versus technology lineage with sources cited including Celeron55 himself, see Minetest’s Scope Issue and A Technical Explanation of the Minetest.org and Minetest.net Split. Do you consider this "negative"? Take another look, realizing that the upstream negativity and exclusionist views are what we're trying to avoid:

Minetest map with chunk boundaries

By avoiding the code with the problems above, minetest.io and minetest.org cooperate to bring you consistent and broad mod support in Final Minetest. At the same time, we implement features wanted by users, sometimes with a short turnaround time, and in other cases tracking and prioritizing them at EnlivenMinetest Issues rather than ignoring them. In the name "Final Minetest" is a promise:

We seek to provide permanent and stable support for existing copies of mods held by preexisting repositories, servers, games, and you!



Privacy Policy and Terms of Use: by using zahyest.com or related products and services, you certify that you understand and agree to the policy and terms (The Cheating and Griefing Policy is at the same page).

Intent of Policies

The intention is to make sure that others, you, the server, and server owner are protected! This Intent of Policies section is an overview and does not expand or limit any part of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy page.


To see more details about each server, click one or scroll down.

This site suggests connecting using Final Minetest from minetest.org (if you're not sure what to get, you probably want the link for 64-bit Windows there).


See Issues at the EnlivenMinetest project on GitHub.

Server Details

Center of the Sun world

Center of the Sun (a.k.a. Helios) is a mature survival server featuring ENLIVEN, a game (using the Minetest engine) focusing on immersion. Given enough resources, it may become a MMORPG using the Zah Yest setting.

Server address: minetest.io Port: 30023

ENLIVEN's top priority being immersion means the direction is to remove things that are overpowered or distract from narrative, and add things that add to cohesive gameplay and tell a story.

This server features a WIP (work in progress) version of ENLIVEN based on bucket_game. ENLIVEN currently has bleeding edge Poikilos mods and patches, and some mods from the old ENLIVEN, but is not caught up with the old one in terms of mods yet.

A group of adventurers set out by choice to gain what their strange world had not handed them. What will they find? Will they find it in technology? ...society? ...architecture? ...or something deeper?


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MeseLite world

  • Mobs, Asteroids, Planetoids, and a 2nd Earth realm; the Moon will be added
  • Blocks from MineClone2, Niften's Crevis, sci-fi nodes, titanium, xdecor, and many other mods
  • Both 64x32 and 64x64 skins plus a skin changer
  • Something similar to 3D Armor (dynamic spacesuit with other armor under development)
  • HUD compass, areas, carpets, weather, and other standard features
  • Protection groups and other new features and bug fixes

The total size of the _game, in ZIP format, is presently just 1.2 MB.
-OldCoder February 1, 2020
...we've added these features:
Player ranks (shown), projection lights (shown), HUD compass (shown), email (shown), player and protection groups (a new feature that I've implemented), carpets, exchanges, shops, and glow crystals.

Plus a spacesuit that you can take off or put on by clicking a spacesuit control (a new object that's shown here in the inventory).
-OldCoder January 30, 2020

NotCraft world

@poikilos_ A world named NotCraft is up. It's based on the latest MineClone2, which requires MT 5. So, it seems to run, but you'll probably see crashes. "I can fix them."

Server address: minetest.io Port: 30000

Spawn seems to be random for NotCraft. Protection is by the "areas" mod. IRC is set up to log-in to #minetest-general. Most other settings are set to defaults.


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For details see woofworld.org.

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Old/Moved Servers


The ByteSize world runs the "bytesize" game, a small game for low-end devices or simply users wanting an extra world on a low-end machine. It may also work well when running the client on computers with limited resources.

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Admin: Poikilos

See also: Zah Yest
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