For support, use the Support link above. First do a search to see if your issue exists already. You can also visit EnlivenMinetest on Discord. You must first get an invite: Use IRC (such as using Pidgin), connect to, then type /join #Poikilos. We are not responsible for the user content on servers but if there are any graphics that are a concern they may be in a mod so please report this at the support-servers channel on Discord and I'll know the person to contact about it. Please provide the node name (such as modname:nodename separated by a colon) which is visible on the debug screen if you press F3.

Games for Minetest

Minetest is an engine that is nearly 100% "moddable", so there are many "games" for it. Each server sends the mods automatically when you join, but if you want to start a server or play in single-player mode, you'll likely want a significantly more interesting game than minetest_game or amhi_game. You can either download a pre-packaged game below, or place mods in your %APPDATA%/minetest/mods directory and enable them in the world configuration screen in the main menu.

Installation instructions (for any game): Download & open the zip, right-click the game such as ENLIVEN or Bucket_Game, click Copy, then go to %APPDATA%, then go to minetest, games, then click the Paste button (clipboard symbol) so that ENLIVEN appears alongside amhi_game. Wait for the files to finish copying before starting or restarting Final Minetest.

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